Adopting a new software solution requires planning, collaboration and discipline. Our implementation services incorporate the right amount of front-end analysis, consulting, configuration, testing to support your workflows through go-live and into maintenance.

The equivant team collaborates with your agency Executives, IT staff and subject matter experts to ensure configuration meets the needs of your daily operations. Our practitioner based staff members continue this level of support during our customized testing and navigational training sessions to ensure the Suite is configured to meet your agency’s needs.

Once your Northpointe Suite configuration is complete, we introduce your team to the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) system to allow you to thoroughly test and validate your agency is ready to move to go-live and conversion. When integrations are involved, your UAT environment can also be connected to these other systems to ensure end-to-end operation is sound and ready for cutover.

Whether the project involves conversion to an entirely new setup or integration with an existing system, our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that are modern, efficient, and easy to use.

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