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Create individualized case plans that focus on assessed needs, establish goals, and give clear action steps to facilitate positive change.

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For both clients and case managers, a clear case plan can make all the difference in reaching the desired outcome. Our Northpointe Suite Case Planning software ensures the process is easy and more effective for everyone involved.

Extremely configurable, Northpointe Suite Case Planning software offers pre-configuration to ensure necessary data is collected, as well as customizable options to meet the dynamic needs of the client. And in every instance, assessments, goals, and actions are visible at a glance with case notes and status updates added in moments. This means all parties can focus more on collaborative and successful completion of the plan.

What it does

Our Case Planning solution is an evidence-based, participatory roadmap that supports clients in early successes to realize behavior change. In addition to data-informed collaboration with justice-involved individuals, you’ll see benefits related to workload management as well. The consistent time savings and reliability allow case managers to better control their calendars and focus more on helping clients.

The Northpointe Suite integrates easily into your existing case management system, bringing risk assessments, schedules, drug testing, goal tracking, and much more into one holistic, easy-to-use program. Learn more about our data integration capabilities.

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How it helps

  • Seamless automation from our supported risk need assessments – COMPAS, COMPAS-R, ORAS, OYAS, WRNA-T, LSI-R, LS/CMI and LSI-R: SV
  • Targets individual criminogenic needs
  • Sets long term and short term goals for clients
  • Collects vital information in one place
  • Measures progress and allows the plan to be adjusted as needed
  • Offers pre-configured and customizable options to fit your agency and programs
  • At-a-glance record of all documents, actions taken, treatments scheduled, tests performed, and next steps

Who it impacts

  • Probation/Parole Officers
  • Case Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Administrators
  • Justice-Involved Individuals
  • Treatment Providers
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What it makes possible

Managing clients is an ongoing process that requires close attention to dynamic case planning. By generating case plans quickly and effectively based on results of a library of assessments and client data, with the flexibility to efficiently change or modify the plan, your agency will see time savings for case managers and improved outcomes for clients.

With a more comprehensive view of each individual’s path, you lower stress and strain on case managers. Our case planning functionality is used for tens of thousands of clients served by supervision agencies of all sizes and types across the nation, providing a trusted answer to data-driven supervision monitoring and decisions.

What’s in it for you?

  • Confidence in a solution developed by practitioners who have been in your shoes partnered with a team of senior software engineers and architects to ensure the software exceeds expectations
  • Case plans efficiently created from industry leading validated instruments to support decision-making and behavior change
  • Data-informed decisions and best practices
  • Scheduling and calendar relief
  • Time savings and enhanced workload management
  • Everything about the client’s plan in one place, easily and readily accessible
  • Software that configures quickly and seamlessly
  • Services including implementation, data integration, data migration, secure cloud hosting, and research and Inter-Rater Reliability, Norming and Validation Studies
  • A proven, person-centered approach 
  • Exceptional customer experience, including a customer care department, account and customer success managers 
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