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Give stakeholders customized access to client information and facilitate two-way communication.

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Lack of information is perhaps the worst thing for a client being supervised and those working on their behalf. When there is a lack of two-way communication between any stakeholders, challenges arise related to programming, successful treatment, and recidivism. equivant Supervision allows you to provide these parties access to justice-involved individual information via secure online portals that share information relevant to each audience while also assisting in communication between them. A variety of portals are available, including a Judicial Portal for secure access to just the information needed by the judicial branch of your county. In addition, portals are accessible via all device formats – computer, tablet, or mobile.

What it does

Portals are designed around users who are categorized to receive certain information related to a client’s supervision. Once they log in to their role-specific portal, they’re able to access specific information quickly in order to make decisions and stay aware of a justice-involved individual’s progress.

This can include a large audience from judicial officers to third-party treatment providers, each of whom would have a unique interface with role-appropriate information available to them.

Our portals use the same unified user credentialing system, but present targeted information without the need for access to the full Northpointe Suite. By allowing stakeholders to access and input information related to the client’s case, it facilitates two-way communication between parties such as program providers, judicial officers, Judges, case managers and legal counsel.

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How it helps

  • Simplifies the flow of information across departments to keep progress moving swiftly
  • Saves time spent on emails and phone calls
  • Allows stakeholders to track treatment plans, schedules, outcomes, and more
  • Aids judges in accessing case details to monitor defendants and make decisions regarding supervision
  • Ensures the highest standards of privacy and security in all exchanges

Who it impacts

  • Probation/Parole Officers
  • Case Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Administrators
  • Justice-Involved Individuals
  • Treatment Providers
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What it makes possible

By providing all involved parties a portal into the status and plans for a client’s supervision, it creates a more informed, comprehensive, and cohesive case management plan. This is beneficial to the case management and treatment professionals who are working together on the justice-involved individual’s behalf.

What’s in it for you?

  • Portals designed around user audiences means less coordination and communication for staff
  • Portal Services including customization of portals to agency-specific needs, including custom reports and workflows
  • Confidence in a solution developed by practitioners who understand the pitfalls of information silos partnered with a team of senior software engineers and architects to ensure the best design and functionality
  • Informed, interconnected communication between stakeholders saves time and improves efficacy
  • Services including business process analysis, implementation, Inter-Rater Reliability, Norming and Validation Studies, data integration, data migration and secure cloud hosting
  • A proven, person-centered approach
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