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Streamlined supervision software for quicker access and collaborative client management.

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Trying to keep track of client programming and supervision requires awareness of a myriad of factors, actions, and clients–all in one place. Our Case Management software is a robust, comprehensive solution that integrates all the vital information surrounding justice-involved individuals into a single, easy-to-use system.

Developed by practitioners partnered with our in-house team of senior software architects and developers offering you over 150 years of collective experience in criminal justice and the Northpointe Suite, this solution delivers the core management features that probation, parole, community corrections agencies, institutions, and jails need to manage all the moving parts of their team’s caseload.

What it does

Our person-based case management system links client data together with individual assessment outcomes, case plans, programs, and notes, while offering critical functionality for Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI), reporting and a comprehensive Workload Manager to oversee supervision agency operations and caseload.

The Northpointe Suite integrated Case Management software solution allows you to track and manage all of your case processing events, set reminders, handle scheduling, and easily oversee rewards, graduated sanctions, drug testing and electronic monitoring in one place — without having to worry about dual data entry or paper files.

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How it helps

  • Easily track and manage key performance measures for each client
  • Review each justice-involved individual’s complete history
  • Automate client scheduling reminders using SMS capabilities
  • Agency workload tracking at-a-glance
  • Seamlessly integrates risk needs assessments
  • Incentives and rewards tracking
  • Showcases evidence-based violations matrix
  • Automated case planning
  • Manages individual programs and referrals
  • Calendar and scheduling efficiencies 
  • Ad hoc data extraction
  • Customizable dashboards for case managers, supervisors, and administrators
  • Configurable to meet your agency’s workflow
  • Limited access for third-partner treatment providers

Who it impacts

  • Probation/Parole Officers
  • Case Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Administrators
  • Justice-Involved Individuals
  • Treatment Providers
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What it makes possible

When you’re able to quickly access, save, and share organized information related to each of your cases and clients, you’re able to more effectively stay committed to the outcomes. That means more quality time with clients, better tracking of progress, and overall lower recidivism across the board.

With all pieces of case management connected in a single solution including automated case plans, supervision is well-informed and decisions about a client’s supervision and case management can occur much faster. Plus, it can be configured to your agency, with personalized views, fields, and dashboards to focus on the data most valuable to your workflow.

What’s in it for you?

  • Confidence in a solution developed by practitioners who have been in your shoes partnered with a team of senior software engineers and architects to ensure the software exceeds expectations
  • Streamlined case management
  • Automated reminders and notifications
  • Avoid duplicate data entry
  • Enhanced collaboration with third-party providers
  • Case plans efficiently created from industry-leading validated instruments to support decision-making in case of litigation
  • Data-informed decisions and best practices
  • Time savings for officers and case managers
  • Software that configures quickly and seamlessly
  • Services including implementation, data integration, data migration, secure cloud hosting, and research and Inter-Rater Reliability, Norming and Validation Studies
  • A proven, person-centered approach 
  • Exceptional customer experience, including a customer care department and account and customer success managers
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